Façades and Cladding

The first glance and the first impression of a building is where facades and cladding are foremost predominant.
Façades and Cladding | Tudor May
Façades and Cladding | Tudor May

Façades and Cladding

Quality installations with safety and comfort in mind
Tudor May

Facades and cladding are a priority topic in the construction industry. As such, every single project we deliver is being treated with extra care and attention, ensuring not only materials and installation quality but also observing all rules and regulations applicable to this element of work.


As a diligent façade and cladding subcontractor, we always try to find the best external envelope product to suit the project requirements while keeping in mind all the Health and Safety aspects of this ever-important element of the build.

Metal cladding

Any modern building will have an amazing look by having incorporated in its façade an element of metal cladding. We have successfully installed and delivered several projects with this type of cladding, on both high-rise and low-rise blocks

Brick slip cladding

This relatively new method of construction can give any building a traditional brick appearance, while the insulated backing panel helps achieve an increased degree of comfort internally. Brick slip facades can help with delivery times, making this product a viable alternative to traditional brick.

Aluminium cladding

One of the top of the range items of cladding, aluminium will add a modern character and personality to any building where this type of material is installed. With a wide variety of colours and textures, aluminium cladding is a product that our company is often installing on new build projects.

Stone cladding

The sturdiest material of all, stone cladding is a more intricate type of cladding that requires skilled operatives and detailed knowledge of the installation techniques, with which our teams are well accustomed.

GRC cladding

This type of cladding gives the impression of stone while being more easily handled and installed. A good alternative to stone facades, our company has installed GRC panels in different shapes or colours on several projects, predominantly on high-rise buildings.

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