SFS stand for Steel Framing System, the part of the building that is usually found in the external walls of concrete framed building.


SFS installation is another core service Tudor May offers
Tudor May

SFS metal external walls are widely used throughout the United Kingdom construction industry. Tudor May has several successful collaborations with the main SFS manufacturers nationwide, with several big size projects accomplished for a wide variety of clients.


Due to the wide range of applications of the Steel Framing System infill within Reinforced Concrete frame building, our company is one of established market leaders in supplying and installing this type of build, with several specially trained and experienced installer teams.

Residential buildings

The urban landscape has a multitude of example of high rise buildings in which the SFS was used very successfully to achieve a weather proof building. This type of work is one of our companies most sought after service, generating a steady stream of return business.

Educational buildings

Student accommodations, university halls, common student amenity places have all seen Tudor May build a part of the façade with the help of SFS infills, delivering this types of projects in the whole of the South East.

Leisure sector buildings

Cinemas, leisure centres, community centres all have a common element of Steel Framing System that our company installed on several such project, diligently and usually with betterment of the program dates.

Commercial buildings

Tudor May has installed SFS on new build or refurbished areas of train stations, airports, storage facilities, supermarkets and others. The quality and quick installation times are always in the focus of our team on such projects.

Structural SFS projects

The versatility of Steel Framing Systems makes it possible to use this type of product also a structural steel material. Tudor May has purpose trained and experienced teams, specialised in the supply and installation of such structural systems to metal framed buildings.

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